Who is South of Brooklyn?

South of Brooklyn is a project by wife and husband team Jennifer and Dave Cooper. Dave is a commercial photographer, filmmaker and sometimes writer. Jen is the producer, writer, and the inquisitive mind behind lots of our content. Though they approach South of Brooklyn projects differently, they both want the same thing: to find out what makes creative, successful people who they are, and share those stories with you.

What is “South of Brooklyn?”

Here you will find stories of the makers, artists, and entrepreneurs that inspire us. We think they will inspire you too. Our Sip + Bite category will surely make you hungry or thirsty. And if you like to travel—and hey, who doesn’t?—our Away category is for you.

Why “South of Brooklyn?”

It’s not just our location (Baltimore)*, it’s our philosophy. We believe that although Brooklyn and the things happening there indeed are infinitely cool, we see great people doing great things all over the country—and the world for that matter. Don’t be surprised to one day see a Brooklynite featured here. In fact it’s very likely that you will. *C’mon is that all we are to you? That hurts.